by Jo Elless

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(free) 02:21


Vol. 2 of the free internet sampler EP/LPs. Includes originals, demos, covers, live recordings, and tracks from When Bari Met Cali.


released November 14, 2012

Girls Girls Girls written by Nikki Cox / Motley Crue, arranged & performed by Jo Elless (baritone sax quartet, drums, guitar, synths).



all rights reserved
Track Name: Girls Girls Girls
(this version instrumental)
Track Name: D.W. Washburn
"D.W. Washburn."
I heard a sweet voice say.
"D.W. Washburn, this is your lucky day.
A hot bowl of soup is waiting
A hot bowl of soup
and a shave.
D.W. Washburn, we've picked you to save."

Can't you hear the flugelhorn?
Can't you hear the bells?
Even you can be reborn
You naughter ne'er-do-well

Won't you get up outta that gutter
Before the next big rain?
D.W. Wasburn,
You're gonna wash right down the drain.

Up, Up. C'mon get up.
Get up off your street
If you can only make it
from your hands to your knees
I know you can make it to your feet.

"D.W. Washburn,"
I said to myself.
"D.W. Washburn,
Why don't you go save somebody else.
I've got no job to go to
I don't work and I don't get paid
I got a bottle of wine,
I'm feeling fine
I do believe I've got it made."

I'd like to thank all of you good people
For coming to my aid,
But I am D.W. Washburn.
I do believe I got it made.
Track Name: Agua de Beber
Water to Drink.