Portland Happy Hour, Vol. 1

by Whasabe, Jo Elless



This album is an in-the-works collaboration between Whasabe (SF Bay, Maui, now in Portland) and Jo Elless. In September 2011, Jo (along with SF musician Sioux City Kid) and Whasabe shared a ride from San Francisco, CA to Portland, OR. None had met prior to departing on the 10 hour drive. By chance, Jo and Whasabe ran into each other at a cafe show a week later, and the idea to record Portland Happy Hour came out of that second meeting. In June 2012, Jo made the same journey from LA to Portland (sans wrong turn on Napa Valley Hwy) and over a ten hour period on June 10, they recorded Whasabe's parts for the album in his apartment in downtown Portland. Tracks will be posted available to hear online until Vol. 1 is finished, and then the full album will be available for purchase on iTunes.


released February 24, 2013

Vocals / throat song: Whasabe
Woodwinds, vocals, production: Jo Elless



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Track Name: Haleakala
Hale - akala (5x)

Down in the arbor he met his true love
They shared every day together
Until the day when her spirit passed from this world
He climbed up the mother mountain
Stood on the edge and jumped into the smoke
Track Name: Whasabe - Nature Loves to Hide
Nature loves to hide.